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Just a Little Snip? 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Circumcision

You might think that a majority of men are cut or that uncircumcised penises transmit more STIs, but check out these circumcision facts first

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We’ve Found the Perfect Gifts for Any Occasion, and They’re From Pansy Ass Ceramics

Toronto based Pansy Ass Ceramics makes your Grandma’s china into something a bit more gay

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In the Late 1980s, Nintendo Revealed That Super Mario Has an Uncircumcised Penis

Are you ready for some Super Mario penis? Well you better be, because one video game fan just dug up proof of Nintendo-approved genitals from an old manga

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South Korea’s Haesindang Park, an International Tourist Attraction, Is Dedicated to Penises

You won’t believe this South Korea penis park — not only does it have over 50 giant carved phalluses throughout it but it also has a bonkers backstory

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