5 Complaints About Having a Giant Penis, According to the ‘Ridiculously Hung Bros’ of Reddit

5 Complaints About Having a Giant Penis, According to the ‘Ridiculously Hung Bros’ of Reddit

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If you asked men if they’d love to have a huge penis, most would immediately say yes. Some men even go to absurd lengths to give themselves one. But is being well-hung really worth it? What about “huge penis problems”?

According to the Redditors on the subreddits r/askgaybros and r/bigdickproblems, many would be happy to lose a few inches, either in length or girth.

Here are 5 complaints showing that when it comes to a huge penis, the grass isn’t always greener:

1. Sexual harassment is a real issue.

One of the most commonly reported huge penis problems is that since it can be hard to hide a large bulge, there’s constant commentary — and when the owner of that big bulge objects, they’re sometimes mocked. Redditor u/HallowedTower108 writes about what he experienced:

Sexual harassment is the worst. It’s unbelievable to me that not everyone can seem to grasp when that behavior is appropriate or wanted. I had a male trainer for about a year and I really thought we had become close friends, but I started to notice tiny things. Eventually he started occasionally commenting on my bulge at the gym and that grew to him starting to tell me intimate details about himself and I told him I didn’t feel comfortable with that kind of talk, but his response was that I was moving away to college and I need to get used to that sort of ‘Locker Room Talk.’

Finally he told me to stay naked when we were changing in the locker room and started talking about all these sexual things he wanted to show me. I left right then and there and had to cut him off after that. I would hate to deal with sexual harassment everyday. Compression shorts would be a pain to wear [for] an entire workday, too. If people really won’t stop commenting or the like, though, you might have to buy a few higher quality pairs and try to make it work.”

Or, you know, maybe your coworkers can stop being pricks.

2. Other men may be jealous.

Speaking of coworkers being pricks, u/TaskForceCausality shares what happened after he was outed at work as having a huge penis:

So last week I had a meeting. Usually I take a leak before the meeting as it’s three hours long. Typically I use a stall, but I was pushed for time and literally the only available commode was a urinal. In the middle. Did I mention the privacy dividers stop at shoulder level?

Some of you can guess what happens next. I tried to make it fast, but couldn’t finish before the 6’4 Operations manager and a coworker took the urinals left and right.

A week later I’ve suddenly become persona non grata among the male coworkers here. I’m not the kind of guy who gives a shit about jealousy, but it blows that now I have to put up with this drama. Like high school all over again.

Just venting, and counting my blessings no male VP decided to take a leak at that time.

3. Sex can be difficult with a huge penis.

A recurring theme by some Redditors was that it can be difficult to actually have good sex because their huge penis doesn’t really fit their partner. Redditor u/chanman333 writes:

Gift and a curse. When I was single I got lots of hookups because of my size. But lots of those hookups couldn’t actually take all of me so it was ‘meh’ sex. But luckily I found a hot twink that loves me almost as much as he loves my dick.

Similarly, u/HighCalorieSalt has a similar issue with his girth:

I’m not hung lengthwise (about 6.75); I am pretty thick (little over 6 inches around with a tape measure). I’ve only had a couple guys successfully bottom. Most guys wanna suck it and gag a lot, but I find it hot so oh well.

And u/rickyrun was personally on the other end of a huge penis:

I am happy with my size, but hung out with a guy who has a huge cock. It was about 10 inches and thick. I didn’t know this as we did not meet on a hookup app. We are fooling around and he pulls out his massive dick. I remember thinking that’s not going inside me. I’d try my best to suck it. He told me that most guys can’t put more than just the head and a tiny part of shaft in their mouth and he’s actually a top but had to be a bottom just to actually date. It ended up becoming a therapy session. We made out a few times and he blew me over the course of a few weeks, but never got the chance to go more than that.

4. Surprise erections with a huge penis are very difficult to hide.

We’re all familiar with spontaneous erections, particularly during puberty. Everyone reading about this probably knows about the good ol’ book trick when it used to happen during class, but u/ImperialResurrection’s huge penis problems meant being in a situation where that wouldn’t work:

I was in the gym, wearing standard attire of loose fitting, decently short-shorts. As a consequence of performing sets of high weight bench presses causing a rise in blood pressure (and I won’t lie, checking out some cute guys), I had developed a ‘3/4 mast’ erection which resulted in the tip of my penis being exposed out of the end of the shorts, along with an extremely noticeable bulge. Naturally I went to the toilet as soon as possible to urinate and dis-spell the erection.

5. People see you as just a huge penis, rather than a person.

One Redditor wrote about how his reputation precedes him, and not always in a good way:

99.4th percentile here. It doesn’t really affect my life? I mean maybe it made it easier to get laid when I was slutting around but those days are long gone, thank god. I do remember getting pissed when guys I was seeing would go and talk to everyone about it. In fact one boyfriend told me after a year of relationship that the reason he started talking to me was that he had heard about it. Felt bad.

What do you think about these ‘huge penis problems’? Do you have any penis problems of your own?

This article was originally published on September 13, 2018. It has since been updated.

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