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Shudder’s Holiday Horror Film ‘The Advent Calendar’ Intros a Potentially Iconic New Monster

There’s nothing as bracing in the middle of the awards season slog of important big film spectacles than a nasty, disrespectful holiday horror movie. With all that humanity on display at the multiplexes, a bit of bloodletting and terror is exactly what’s needed. Throw another yule log on the fire[…]

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20 Obscure Christmas Songs That Don’t Suck

Looking for Christmas party music that isn’t just ‘Silent Night’, ‘Jingle Bells’, or other overplayed classics? Check out our top 20 Christmas songs!

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10 Obscure Fetishes and Their Psychology, From Looning and MPREG to Vorarephilia

No matter how vanilla your sex life, everyone has a kinky turn-on or two, but these unusual fetishes take things to another level

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20 Vintage Pics Snapped Before Men Were Conditioned to Not Show Physical Affection

An internet historian has located these images of men showing physical affection without worry

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