Nearly 30 Years Ago, This ‘X-Men’ Comics Storyline Was a Powerful Allegory for HIV

The storyline bears a direct connection to HIV and the very real epidemic that ravaged the gay community throughout the 1980s and ’90s

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7 Times TV Got HIV-Positive Characters Right (and One Series That Never Bothered)

Every once in a while a TV show gets it right, like with these stand-out characters throughout decades of television

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The Sad But True Story of San Domino, Fascist Italy’s Island for ‘Immoral’ Gay Men

San Domingo was Mussolini’s gay island where he deported ‘immoral’ queer men during Italy’s fascist heyday before World War II, and few folks know about it

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Here’s What 15 Celebrities Have Said in Support of Open Relationships and Non-Monogamy

Still trying to figure out how you feel about non-monogamy? Check out our collection of gay and straight celebrity quotes about open relationships

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