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20 Obscure Christmas Songs That Don’t Suck

Looking for Christmas party music that isn’t just ‘Silent Night’, ‘Jingle Bells’, or other overplayed classics? Check out our top 20 Christmas songs!

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Posthumous Pleasure: You Can Buy a Sex Toy Featuring Your Lover’s Cremains

There’s nothing harder than losing your significant other, but with the 21 Grams project, for $10K, you can have a cremains sex toy made from his ashes

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The Tragic Story of the Gay Couple in ‘It’ Was Based on the Fate of Charlie Howard

While the bulk came from Stephen King’s creativity, there’s one true story from ‘IT’ — mainly, the tragedy of Charlie Howard

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Straight Guys of Reddit Shared Their Most Intimate Same-Sex Experiences, and Well, We’re Shook

Reddit’s straight guys came forward with stories of the most intimate moment they ever had with another man, and the results are heartwarming and often sad

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