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donald trump, trump, pence, president trump, wtf It’s no surprise to say that the amount of content online these days about Donald Trump is far from sparse – even the most inept researcher can easily find facts, figures, and plenty of opinions on the Web about the guy. Whether you love him or hate him, or just don’t really give a rat’s ass, we’ve got plenty of literature right here about the controversial Cheeto Jesus that has rocked the country – for better or worse. It’s also no secret that Trump isn’t a pal to the LGBTQ crowd – or is he? Although there have been many presidential candidates that have earned the strong opinions of the masses, The Donald takes the cake. Worried about Mike Pence? Wondering if Hillary Clinton would have been worse for our crowd as president – or better? We’ve got all the articles covering this kind of stuff here to keep you busy for a while, you lucky dog. If you feel like you’ve just got to dip into the thick and unprecedented media coverage covering everything from Trump being on Forbes’ list of the wealthiest people in the world to his policy of extreme vetting to his plans for building a wall along our border with Mexico, we gotchu. See our Trump articles below.
Let the Civil Rights Movement Help You Get Through Holidays With Republican Family

If you’re dreading that big holiday dinner with your Republican Family, you can look to the Civil Rights movement to change their minds without a big fight

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10 Times Beloved Series ‘The Simpsons’ Actually Predicted the Future

It’s uncanny how many times the show has made a joke, only to have our stupid reality see that joke come true

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Are the Juggalos Are Our Best Hope to Defeat Far-Right Extremism?

America is in its darkest hour, and only one group can save us from the Trump regime: Juggalos. The Revolution will be wearing clown makeup.

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Dolly Parton Keeps Rejecting the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Country queen Dolly Parton has always had a place in our hearts, and that place just keeps growing larger. In a recent interview with TODAY, the superstar revealed that she had been offered the Presidential Medal of Freedom by the Trump Administration not once but twice — and had to[…]

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