Ariana Grande Is Already Working on More Music, With a New Single Dropping Monday

Ariana Grande Is Already Working on More Music, With a New Single Dropping Monday

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For Christ’s sake, does Ariana Grande ever sleep? It was only August 2018 — seven months ago — that the pop starlet released her fourth LP, Sweetener, an album that took a couple years to make. But then last month she also dropped Thank U, Next, her fifth studio album with 12 new tracks. Two albums within six months is a feat, to be sure, but now we’re hearing that even more new Ariana Grande music is coming, starting with a single called “Monopoly.”

We caught wind of all this new Ariana talk thanks to a Twitter back-and-forth between Grande and Victoria Monét, with whom she co-wrote her most recent hit, “7 Rings.” Not only did the pair let slip that the next track will be titled “Monopoly,” but the two had a fully public conversation about when they the single should drop.

“Work so fuckin muuuuuch, need a twinny twin twin,” Grande tweeted to Monét this evening, which sounded like … well, a fact, until Monét responded and we realized the tweets are most likely lyrics to upcoming track “Monopoly.”

“You’d be straight for life if I gave you my pin,” Monét fired back. We then got a third line from Grande: “even tho we gave up that 90% for the win.”

The last line is most likely a reference to the fact that with “7 Rings,” which heavily samples from the Sound of Music number “My Favorite Things,” Grande and Monét gave up 90% of their royalties to Rodgers and Hammerstein, who penned the interpolated melody.

The two ladies then began to discuss when to drop the track, with Grande first recommending “tomorrow night” in celebration of “7 Rings” being in the number one singles slot for eight weeks, to which Monét countered with Monday, “Cause this shit is insaaaane.”

So when are we gonna hear the new Ariana track “Monopoly”?

Well, it’s looking like Monday. Grande tweeted in response to Monét’s suggestion, “word it’s also like …. not mastered or ready or delivered lmaooo. see, this is why i can’t go on twitter anymore. i get too excited and say shit i shouldn’t. however, monday is soon enough ! we love uuu.”

Meanwhile, Monét has already christened the day as #MonopolyMonday.

We have to say, this new Ariana Grande — the pop star ruling the charts who releases new music whenever she damn well feels like it — is something we could get used to.

Expect new Ariana Grande music on Monday, and prepare yourself for what sounds like many more single-track releases in the very near future.

Are you excited to hear new Ariana music so soon after the release of Thank U, Next?

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