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Watch These 6 Native American Teens Tell the True Story of Thanksgiving

Despite its modern celebration as an excuse to gorge ourselves into food comas, Thanksgiving is actually a pretty morbid reminder of American ruthlessness

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Let’s Take a Deep Dive Into What It Means to Identify as ‘Two-Spirit’

Is Jason Mraz bisexual? It would seem so, but in his coming out interview, he identifies with Two-Spirit people. So what is Two-Spirit? Here’s an answer

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‘White Guys Only’: Here Are 7 Forms Sexual Racism Can Take Among Queer Men

The difference between racism and preference is that sexual racism reinforces oppression and racial supremacy, while sexual preference is about eroticism

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A 1971 John Wayne Interview Reveals the On-Screen Cowboy to Be a Homophobic Racist

For no overly apparent reason, the interview from Playboy magazine is making the rounds on social media, and not for the best of reasons

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