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78 Years of Batman On-Screen: How the Caped Crusader Has Evolved Through the Years

Can you believe audiences have been heading to theaters to see Batman on the big screen for 76 years?

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Behind the Scenes of ‘Barbarella,’ a Baffling Mess of a Movie That’s Still Fun to Watch

Roger Vadim directed the Jane Fonda vehicle ‘Barbarella’ from a script written by over a dozen people, no wonder it’s a beautiful, baffling mess

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10 Times Beloved Series ‘The Simpsons’ Actually Predicted the Future

It’s uncanny how many times the show has made a joke, only to have our stupid reality see that joke come true

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A Peek Under the Towel: Inside the 500-Year History of Gay Bathhouses

115 years ago the first gay bathhouse was raided by police in the United States; learn all about gay bathhouse history and why they’re important

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